I did it!

Damn . . . one entire calendar year (plus) without posting!

I never thought of neglecting a blog as a way of measuring time, but looking and seeing that My last post was November of 2010 really kind of put 2011 into a totally different light.

Cliched as it might be, 2011 really did fly by . . . and I thought about the blog many times. There is a Lenora X story out there in need of an ending. There is Journey Down, which I intended to be a long, frequently-added-to story. Funny/stupid things still happen to Me . . . I want to share those things. And of course there are a lot of thoughts about D/s, music, politics, and life in general that constantly occur to Me and which deserve to live in print.

Why haven't I posted, then?

I honestly don't know. I'll go with the old standby that having a life is incompatible with blogging regularly.

No one can prove I don't have a life!